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So you already know the ropes. You’ve already done a Dity / PPM before and you know exactly why you don’t use TMO and why you do it yourself.

Here’s why using Patriot Truckerz is the next step to making your upcoming PCS even better than your last one.

We show up with a empty weight ticket with one of our 42’ long enclosed race car trailers. These trailers are the same cubic feet as TWO 26’ U-Haul trucks. Our trailers have a big drop down ramp, very easy to load in and out of and you can put a car or anything else in there for free!

When you’re done loading your HHG we go get the full weight ticket and go directly to your new location. You don’t have to drive that Penske truck pulling your car on a dolly over the mountains. You don’t have to try to get that Penske truck into downtown in a major city. Or maybe you just don’t feel like doing the run from Florida to Alaska in that back breaking seat, and you’d rather ride in the comfort of your own vehicle. 

When you use Patriot Truckerz, all you have to do is load, and drive or fly to your new location and we come as fast as possible to meet up with you. (Don’t want the truck to leave your sight? That’s fine. The truck can follow you at your pace all the way to your new location.)

Here’s the best part. Even if none of the above sounds appealing to you, we have two state of the art GPS monitoring systems on our trucks and trailers. We have red tape protocols in place that are not capable of typical everyday trucking companies. The level of security we provide for your HHG is unmatched. You can’t get that on a Penske or U-Haul truck.